The Smiling Surfista

The Smiling Surfista

Surfista Smile

Elaine riding a karabaw

Elaine Abonal Surfing Philippines

Elaine Abonal - mermaid right


Elaine Abonal
Surfista Travels Owner
English Teacher

Elaine’s one of those sweet souls you don’t meet everyday, an english teacher by profession and surf ambassador by advocacy. Surfing Philippines world meet one of our friends who is kicking ass with her company Surfista Travels.

“I grew up in Manila, the Philippines and I had a pretty awesome childhood.”

“Personally, one of things I’m grateful for and lucky about being a female surfer in the Philippines is that I live in a society where women are respected”

“Life is short and that we should enjoy it and live right. I believe that everything happens for a reason and that God has put as all here on earth to make a difference and to do something to make the world better in our own little way.”

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