Surf Omawas review in “The Best of Eastern Samar”

Skimboarding, surfing, snorkeling and so much more!

The Coasts

Experience divinity at Divinubo Island…In just a 30 minute-banca ride from the town of Lalawigan, roughly a 20-25 minute drive from Borongan City proper.  If it is a full moon or a new moon, at either noon or midnight, the island could be crossed by foot, which would take about an hour.


The Guiporo-e Natural Pool, located after a five-minute hike through brush, sand and mangrove saplings, springs like a surprise from beyond a rocky bend – a horizontal clump of rocks festooned with mangroves in the near distance, cupping a placid pool.  If you fancy a dip, the water is nicely warm.


The Divinubo Eco-Tour Park Resort is also a good place to stop by for a relaxing few hours.  You can rent a string hammock (P25) and snooze under the leafy talisay trees.  The broad-leafed talisay tree bears creamy nuts.  Pecked by birds, the talisay nuts grow three times a year and turn yellow when ripe.  Entrance is P5 per person.  You can rent picnic huts at P200 a day or P250 if you want to stay overnight.


The Boronganparola (lighthouse), built by the Americans in 1906, looks out to the Pacific Ocean and the view is well worth the effort.  One had to walk up more than a hundred steps built on the side of a mountain, and take the rocky, muddy, potholed and spindly path with weeds to reach the slender lighthouse.  Narrow outside stairs with rusty crumbling handrails curve up the parola, on top of which are solar panels.  A flat-roofed structure in front of the lighthouse provides a great view of the island, the Pacific ocean and the sunrise.



Photo and Article Source: Inflight (Seair)

PIRATES COVE Beach and Surf Resort

is situated on a two-hectare private reef, marine sanctuary and water sports recreation area fronting the Pacific Ocean, all within five minutes of downtown Borongan. See more details…

 MINASANGAY ISLAND Eco Park and Resort

offers activities that could be as simple as basking under the sun and chilling out with friends by the Pacific view, or as daring as snorkeling, scuba diving and cliff diving! There are around 6 diving boards of different heights, so you can try out the lower ones before venturing out into the board simply called “6” and is the highest cliff out there.You only need to take a 40-minute multicab ride from Borongan for P30 to reach the drop-off point and another 10 minute hike towards the Resort’s entrance.

SURF OMAWAS Hotel and Resort

blessed with a beautiful coastline right in front of the great Pacific Ocean, is the right place for every surfer – whether you are a beginner or average surfer, or just really, really good at surfing! See more details…



Is now poised to bring visitors into a breathtaking ride on its pristine waters while experiencing a treat of exotic foods and native delicacies prepared by the townsfolk themselves!



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