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patrick and aiza_east_samar_omawas_hotelPDoles_Omawas1FINAL-FINAL-SURFearth coco logo mediumPatrick Doles and his wife Aiza are very involved in social entrepreneurship in Eastern Samar and actively involved in giving money to local charities, as well as, being the founders of the ‘Tools for Schools’ project; dispersing school supplies to local children.
In Patrick’s opinion, the number one issue in the Philippines and Eastern Samar, more specifically, is how to instill confidence into the Philippine population in the more rural areas and to make it more entrepreneurial.  He is adamant about 3 things in Entrepreneurial work.
- Always have a unique product.
- Location, location, location. Finding that great location is key.
- Always recruit the best talent and treat them well.
Patrick and Aiza Doles goals are to build on their budding and successful EarthCoco Company based in East Samar, Philippines and Santa Monica, California, USA. He also wants to increase and maximize personal growth for himself, his wife, their family and his associates.
Another goal is to bring private equity to Eastern Samar, Philippines where there is no local industry.7surf_samar_philippines_hotel

3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Travelled through Samar 15 years ago surfing ..Like to come back and stay ..whens best time .cheers martin

    • Hi Martin. So it has been a while since you have visited Eastern Samar. Happy to hear of your interest. If surfing is important to the journey and stay, then October – April usually is best with December and January prime. If other outdoor adventures are in your plans or simply a great tropical setting to relax and enjoy the Samar Culture in, then any time of year works well for this. Hope to hear from you soon. Patirck

  2. hi Pat, thinking of heading to omawas later this month (unless typhoon comes into weather pattern). Is a booking required to stay at your place? Also what is the best way to get to omawas from Tacloban? Did the weekly direct flight from Manila to Borongan get off the ground?? Is this still current contact number: 0916-778-2959 ??? Cheers Jake.

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