Santa Monica native, Patrick O’neil Doles, founded Earthcoco, Inc. in 2011. Early in life and over the course of a decade, travels with his artistic family from Key West, FL to Santa Monica, CA to Europe, provided him with an unconventional education, fostering creativity, and exposing him to multicultural learning. His youthful passions for surfing and skateboarding soon led to a career in sports products development and design with Rollerball International. His contributions to the development of in-line skates became industry standards.

In the mid-nineties, Doles opened a retail surf and skate shop on the Venice Beach boardwalk. By the end of the decade, he found himself at a crossroads. Overcoming personal adversity, Patrick learned some of life’s hardest lessons and moved forward to become a role model and archetype for what is possible.

On a surfing vacation in the Philippines in 2009, Doles met and married his wife, Aiza and soon built a beachside bed and breakfast on the island of Samar.

Immersion into the local culture and his sensitivity to the needs of his adopted family soon crossed paths with his entrepreneurial spirit. The concept of Earthcoco was born- creating a multi-national company to bring healthy products to an exploding global market while maintaining sustainable earth-friendly practices which benefit all involved in the chain from growers to consumers.

Earthcoco for a healthy Body, Mind and Planet.

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